Friday, 10 September 2010

Would you have

Would you have let it go this far,
Had it been known from the start…?

Like a fool
It makes you act
Your pride is crushed over
And thrown in the trash
Would you have let it go this far,
Had it been known from the start…?

Every day you console yourself
This is it, it’s going to stop.
Do you hear yourself?
For again I hear you crying out hurt
Would you have let it go this far,
Had it been known from the start…?

Love is a pain flowing though
Cutting your heart.
Do you know where it’s going to stop?

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Last time...

As my heart pounds
reach the threshold...
I see
the approaching peak
only few miles to go...

I close my eyes
take a deep breath...
see your smiling face
calling on to me...

Gathering the last strength
reach to the top...
hoping to see you again
Just before I fall...

feel your arms around
the last time...
Just before I fall...
Open my wings
I fly...
the last time...

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Little girl by the signal

Oh gosh! Am late!
And the red lights after red lights!
Frowning heavily,
I wait at the signal

"5 rupees, please take one",
little hand pokes mine.
a small girl, wearing school uniform
lost behind the load of garlands
"just 5 rupees, please do take one",
She pleads…

"Where are your parents?"
"near the roadside"
she points excitedly,
"see, there… "
A smile comes on my face
"do you go to school?"
"Yes :) everyday"
"What about your homework?
When you do it?"
"Sitting by amma,
when the lights are green…"

I take two garlands,
she moves to next vehicle…
green lights flashes
Honks and honks rushes forth
I too move on.

Something makes me
look back at the roadside…
little girl standing by her mother,
a book in her small hands.

Just in 10 rupees,
I bought a wonderful smile.
determination so strong,
Little girl by the signal taught…

Thursday, 28 January 2010


I am your friend as you start with your day
Check the newspaper awaiting at your doorstep today

I am the currency,
that you earn and spend without care.

I am piles and piles of knowledge
that you love and you hate,
But still read it anyways

I am the carefree boat that you floated in the rain…
I am the colorful kite that gave you wings and new friends...
I am a message from loved ones
that brings smiles and tears to your face.

I am plain,
Yet I decorate your life.
I am the art, the music, the dance, the picture…
All starts with me,
still I am naïve.

I am the fan,
when power fails you on a sunny day.
I am hidden at every corner of your archway…

I laugh with you
I rub the tears from your eyes.
I am the power of your emotions.
With me, you have broken rules, boycotted dynasties.
for I am your loud voice…

You burn me for pleasure.
You burn me to die.

I am with you.
I am your friend.


Thursday, 21 January 2010

Truth of You and Me

Am sorry for I made you cry
But am not so sorry, for I did it again…
So that’s how it goes…
It is truth of you… and me…

I followed you many times around
I crossed the streets fearing you’ll be gone
Assumed the worst and lashed at you
Don’t you know,
It were my own insecurities…
Am sorry for I made you cry
But am not so sorry, for I did it again…
So that’s how it goes…
It is truth of you… and me…

Indifference was the mask I wore
Subtle killing was the only goal
Flirted around to see the hurt on your face
Don’t you know,
This love was too much for me!
And I made you cry
But am not sorry, for I did it again…
So that’s how it goes…
It is truth of you… and me…

Now that I’m on my own
Admitting to the emptiness you left behind
With all that’s been said and done…
Don’t you know,
It is the end.

Your smell still lingers in the bed…
Oh baby!
What we’ve done…
You make me cry

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Little Butterflies

Little Butterflies
so young and tender...
Left alone in the world to wonder..
"You are like me,
and I am like you
But where is my family?"

Little Butterflies
trying to flutter...
The winds are strong
but the wings to delicate
and they shudder...
"Will I get to fly free someday?"

Precious pearls
but sadly fighting alone...
"Will you be the one
to Save my Soul?"

[Few lines dedicated to an orphanage]

Thursday, 12 November 2009


Passing months, and all the passing days...
Far far away... they all go by...
But, do you have
No time to say “Hello!”?

Riding alone...
Gliding unseen, though the rusty roads...
Blowing winds, beating me...
‘Coz you’re not here to hide behind...
But, do you have
No time to say “Hello!”?

Singing rains, shatters though the glass...
And brings the chill, that flutters the heart...
How far away, your warmth has gone...
But still, do you have
No time to say “Hello!”?

Burning the heat within, silence runs onto the mill...
Lost in work, too far away to watch the behind...
Perturbed, but should we disturb?
Only hopes, will they catch your eye...
And still, do you have
No time to say “Hello!”?

[An attempt at weaving a song]

Thursday, 29 October 2009


If only I could write an echo,
asking a shadow to dance...

If only I could share the shade of an old tree,
asking the angels to sing...

and the verse would begin
with a lump in the heart...

Friday, 9 October 2009

tough going

when the going gets tough
and the tough gets going...
just remember
you are not the only one sailing...

Thursday, 8 October 2009


life's a chance encounter...
the journey of the truth,
rest is of no use...